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When triple digit temperatures dominate the area and the AC (air conditioning) goes out, buyers beware. In desperation people will often go with the first ad or popular service company that they come across but more caution should be exercised. There is value in selecting a reputable A/C service in Lakeland FL.

Not all contractors are honorable so research should be conducted and reported complaints should be studied via online reviews or through the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  Unsavory companies are often guilty of bait-and-switch tactics, over charging, and outright lying about needed repairs. To prevent becoming an unhappy victim of such methods, there are basic steps a consumer may take in ensuring a service company is reputable:

Legalities - Find out if the company is licensed and also insured. Simply asking may be the best course of action though this is public information which can be determined online. And as mentioned, research the business reputation of said company by reading the company’s ratings and reviews. Many frustrated consumers will post their negative experiences to warn others since there is little hope of recourse after being tricked.

Pricing - When it comes to getting fair pricing for a replacement unit or for repair, make sure to get more than one written estimate. Three estimates with full descriptions of materials and services rendered will show enough options to make the smartest choice. Pay attention to the warranty.

Warranty - Begin with reading the current warranty on the AC unit for possible coverage. Otherwise, on the replacement or new unit be sure to understand and be in agreement with the length and conditions of the warranty before signing any paperwork or allowing install.

A reputable company in Lakeland that provides service and repair for heating and cooling will be up front in their communications and promises and deliver quality products, fair pricing, and will discuss future maintenance as part of their package. One such company to look at is United Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning visit their website at http://usmaci.com.

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